hi, i'm arielle, nice to meet you

"well i used to
have a notion
I could swim
the length of the ocean
if I knew you were waiting for me"

I cried when I told my best friend that I missed going out for dinner with him now that he lives on the other side of Australia and he said I should go anyway and pretend he’s there, and he’ll sit at home and drink beer and pretend I’m there


When she’s climbing all those stairs in the Anne Frank house, Gus should have just said to Hazel “don’t be a fucking hero bitch”

My mum is such a good lady

At the start of the year she had this very serious nerve damage in her face that was giving her constant pain across her face for months at a time and when she got it checked out they packed her with information, including that the pain could also be the start of cancer, which it thankfully wasn’t. She was put on epilepsy medication which made her so sick and dizzy and tripped out it made it pretty much impossible for her to work or do her online classes, so she pretty much swapped completely to only all natural medications and like St. John’s wort tea and now she’s all better but she found out that this mum from our primary school has it now and she had to be taken to hospital it was so bad, and mum hasn’t spoken to this mum in like 10+ years but she called her this morning to tell her about using the alternative medicine to sort this pinched nerve out and that she should call mum if she needs anything.
My mum is such a good lady

Crying watching Masters of Sex because they are correcting the ambivalent genitals on a baby boy with a text book in the operating room

Having a seemingly normal conversation with a guy until he says “can you give me a back massage?”

well we’re currently texting so probably not hey?


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Lily Cole looks like a corpse

*Collins not Cole, Lily Cole has a perfectly normal complexion in comparison to her hair colour

Lily Cole looks like a corpse

"Men judge us
by our broad
hips and forget
their birthplace."

Before Sunrise is a way better love story than Titanic

Ethan Hawke you are the most beautiful man in the world

Will Bryant

Will Bryant

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New special skills to add to the res
1. Can rap all of ‘A Day In The Life Of Benjamin Andre’ and that song goes for 5 minutes
2. Poor judgement skills when cooking pasta so that’s good if you’re hungry/want some to take for lunch tomorrow

3. Can make a good systematic route through the city for shopping that does not involve doubling back/walking any extra/will always have a sushi stop

Gotta be like sort of out of the house in about 40 minutes, still sitting on bed in wet towel with wet hair and wet attitude